North: North and Cesar Chavez Piloted a New Curriculum Called SEED SPOT NEXT

Posted by Communications on 4/26/2017

This year, North High and Cesar Chavez High School piloted a new curriculum called SEED SPOT NEXT.  After years of success working with adult entrepreneurs, SEED SPOT launched the NEXT program to empower students to create change through entrepreneurship, providing curriculum, training and resources to teach entrepreneurship. The students’ objective was to create a social venture team solving a problem from topics related to home, school, local and state, or national and global.   

North High School had its first ever Demo Day, April 21.  Thirty venture teams from Rita Lopez' Business 1-2 classes pitched their venture to judges.  Four teams were selected to continue to pitch their venture at SEED SPOT NEXT National Demo Day on Saturday, May 6 at Camelback High School, with the winning team receiving $5000 towards their venture.   North winning presenters were Ruryck Adame;  Mercedes Devian, the team of Yessy Garcia, Ivan Loza Morales, and Josue Fabela Martinez and the team of Marco Bustos and Chiara Castiglione, an exchange student from Italy.    

Student ventures ranged from solving domestic violence, health and environment, to academics.