Carl Hayden: First Time in 12 years The Falcon Robotics Team Will not be going to t he First World Championships

Posted by Communications on 4/12/2017

For the first time in 12 years that the Falcon Robotics team will not be going to the FIRST World Championships.   The team competed in two regionals, and made it to the semi-finals at NAU, and again, April 7-8  in Las Vegas,    The Falcons had their moments,   eliminating former world champions, the High Rollers,  and they forced a third match in the semi-finals with two former world champions.   As a Hall of Fame team, Carl Hayden is invited annually, but the team has chosen not to use that anymore as a way to the championships.


“The team felt like it did not want to ride on the success of the past teams so the team has made it their policy that they will only go the world championships from now on if they win a regional. We are the only Hall of Fame team that does not take the free ride,” Coach Fredi Lajvardi said.    “I see a marked difference on the team when they realize they get to go without winning a regional. I like it better when they learn how to ‘fight.’ ”