Linda Abril: Louie Kireopoulos won $5000 Fiesta Bowl Wishes for Teachers Award

Posted by Communications on 12/7/2016

Louie Kireopoulos has won a $5,000 Fiesta Bowl Wishes for Teachers award, in partnership with College Football Playoff Foundation Extra Yard for Teachers.  Over 2,400 teachers from Arizona submitted applications, and his wish was randomly selected to be granted.   He wants to provide e-readers for his classroom, so that students can use the tablets to download books and magazine articles.  His class incorporates Silent Sustained Reading at the school, and many of the books that pertain to business are only available via download.  Kireopoulos is also invited to attend the Motel 6 Caxtus Bowl at Chase Field, December 27, where he will be honored on field with 99 fellow Wishes for Teachers recipients.  The Extra Yard for Teachers program is distributing $500,000 in Fiesta Bowl Wishes to 100 Arizona teachers.