Franklin Police and Fire: Students in LEAD hosted a food drive

Posted by Communications on 12/21/2016

Leadership Exploration And Development (LEAD) is a team of student leaders at Franklin Police & Fire High School. As part of their mission to improve life for everyone at Franklin they decided to host a food drive. This quickly turned into much more. When they found out that the Alhambra High School food pantry was nearly empty, they knew they had to help. LEAD worked with Student Government to obtain donations, they canvased the neighborhoods surrounding Franklin, and some students canvased their own neighborhoods. Word began to spread. Teachers used social media to spread the word and Art Club did a fundraiser to help with donations.


As the momentum built, Principal Lorenzo Cabrera worked to find space to create Franklin’s own food pantry.  LEAD has stocked and organized the shelves to prepare for our opening day. Students can come to the pantry Fridays after school to obtain food. Teachers and staff can recommend students to the pantry, as well.


On December 15, English teacher Gayle Deaver delivered four large boxes of food and toiletries to Alhambra High School. Community liaison Oscar Adame is working to rebuild their food pantry, and now he has a jump start. The food drive has turned into an ongoing relationship between Alhambra and Franklin, as they will continue to work together to end hunger and food insecurity for our students.