Central: Multicultural Committee Bobcat Talk

Posted by Communications on 2/15/2017

The Central High School Multicultural Committee Bobcat Talk series presented “The Anatomy

 of the N-Word” by ASU professor Dr. Neal Lester, February 13.    Lester provided a brief

 overview of his research addressing issues of racism, linguistics and culture to the Central student

 body.  Lester traced the history of the word back to the 16th century, its negative

 connotation and its use in literature, music and film, right up its almost colloquial presence in

 today’s  rap music and culture. His message to the students, “words do matter.” 


Bobcat Talk, a monthly speakers’ series, addresses topics related to the promotion of respect for all cultures, dignity for all communities and justice for all people. 


The Bobcat Bonanza Speech and Debate tournament had a record turnout, February 10-11.   There were a record-63 schools entered with nearly 750 students and 200 adult judges and coaches participating.    Schools from Arizona, Colorado, California, and Nevada came to compete. 


“We heard nothing but praise for our campus and how welcoming our faculty and staff was to everyone,” Speech and Debate coach Kevin Berlat said.