Trevor Browne: Choir Students teamed up with Composers Dr. J. Edmund Hughes and Mary Ellen Loose

Posted by Communications on 1/11/2017

Choir students at Trevor G. Browne teamed up with composers Dr. J. Edmund Hughes and Mary Ellen Loose to perform the world premiere of Lullaby for a King at the school’s winter concert, December 9.    


Hughes first approached choir directors Nick Halonen and Troy Meeker in July to discuss the project. Hughes wrote the original melody of Lullaby for a King to honor the birth of his first grandchild, Caleb, in February. He later discovered a way for the melody to intertwine with the Silent Night melody.


Hughes then collaborated with his longtime accompanist and Chandler-Gilbert Community College music faculty member Mary Ellen Loose to compose the piano accompaniment. The TGB Concert Choir worked directly with Hughes via Facetime before the concert.    They performed with co-composer Mary Ellen Loose accompanying them on piano.


Hughes informed the choir during rehearsal that his daughter battled cancer. They were uncertain if she would ever be able to have children. Hughes stated that Caleb is truly a gift that their family treasures.


Choir officer Eddie Armenta said, “Lullaby for a King is an astounding musical piece that shows great emotion towards people who know the actual meaning of why it was written. Just amazing!”


 “We are thankful Dr. Hughes chose our students to premiere this astounding piece. We have incredible students who are deserving of opportunities like this.” Meeker said,


“We do not teach music. We teach them how to be people. We do it through the power of music. The emotional expression in Lullaby for a King is a perfect catalyst to inspire this growth.” Halonen said