Bioscience: Announced its Partnership with the City of Phoenix January 13

Posted by Communications on 1/18/2017

The school held an assembly January 13 to announce its partnership with the City of Phoenix Publics Works Department, and Reimagine Phoenix to become the first school in the city to implement a Zero Waste program.   The program was initiated by four Bioscience students--  Alicia Flores, Griselda Solis, Nancy Ochoa and Alejandra Villarreal, called the “Green Leapers” who approached the city.   Leapers comes from the acronym- Leaders for Environmental Awareness and Protection.  John Trujillo from Reimagine Phoenix congratulated the girls and the school, and gave some statistics that emphasize not only the volume of trash, but also different ways to turn trash into resources. 


“The city will double in population by 2050, and it is important to act now to minimize what you waste.  Phoenix travels seven million miles every year to pick up and dispose trash. That is 14 times to the moon and back. We need change agents.  We will spend millions if we do not recycle right.”


The city is giving the school three types of receptacles for recycling, for compost such as food and liquids and for trash, such as sandwich wrappers, chip bags.  Coincidentally, the smallest cans are for trash.  


Lucas Mariacher from the city gave examples of what to recycle, and took questions form the students.