Eight Central Students were Awarded Students Inspiring Students Scholarships to Grand Canyon University

Posted by Communications on 3/29/2017

Eight Central students were awarded Students Inspiring Students Scholarships to Grand Canyon University.  The students had to complete 100 hours of study time in the GCU Learning Lounge.  These students will give back and be tutors to future high school students looking to earn a Students Inspiring Students scholarship.  Other criteria for the scholarship were demonstration of financial need,   university admissible, and demonstrate university preparedness. This is a neighborhood scholarship given to community schools in the GCU vicinity.   The students are Angel Lopez, Kiara Greenfield, Christina Olivas, Edgar Arellano, Keilen Costilla, Marixa Hernandez, Edward Arellano and Adrian Dominguez.   They were visited March 29 by GCU representatives.