It's Arizona College Application Campaign Month

Posted by Communications on 9/28/2016

If it’s October, it must be Arizona College Application Campaign month, but this year, besides the goal of having all seniors apply for college, the Free Application for Federal Student Assistance (FAFSA) period has moved up from January to October 1st to align with the application season.

The College Application Campaign has a goal of 100% of seniors at a school complete at least one college application. Students go to campus computer labs and with the help of counselors, community members and agencies, they complete on-line applications.   Last year, the entire district participated and had a college completion rate of 90%. Central High had 489 seniors, or 95% of its senior who applied. Bioscience also had 95%; North had 93% Maryvale had 90%. Six schools had 80% or more seniors apply. Of the 5,539 seniors reported from 14 PUHSD schools, 10,017 applications were submitted before and during the campaign.

The campaign, organized by the Arizona Commission for Post-Secondary Education, will kick off Monday, October 3 with an assembly at Central High with Mayor Greg Stanton leading the rally. Following the assembly, students will apply to colleges, and complete the day with a FAFSA Fiesta, with food, music, gift cards, and parents invited to fill out the financial aid application.

According to Dolores Ramirez, the District’s post-secondary articulation specialist, Phoenix Union students did well with the applications, but left a lot of money on the table with lower FAFSA completion, which had the later application window.

Schools started September 26 and will complete the campaign by November 19.


Among the partners in this effort are College Depot, Be A Leader Foundation; Arizona College Access Network; ASU; Thriving; Post-Secondary Commission