Franklin Hosts Governor Doug Ducey and a Statewide Media Event Introducing Achieve60AZ

Posted by Communications on 9/21/2016

Franklin hosted Governor Doug Ducey and a statewide media event introducing Achieve60AZ, a community-based college and workforce attainment initiative for the state, September 16.   More than 60 leaders from community, business, philanthropic and education organizations have formed an alliance to increase the number of Arizonans earning a job certification or college degree by age 25 from 42 percent to 60 percent by 2030. A more highly educated population means higher earning, employment gains, economic growth and more community and civic engagement. If 60 percent of adults have a professional certificate or college degree by 2030, $3.5 billion in personal income and tax revenue will be pumped into Arizona annually. The Governor was joined by the Arizona Board of Regents President Eileen Klein, the Maricopa Community College Chancellor Maria Harper-Marinick and other dignitaries.   Four students will be spotlighted, from high school, to non-traditional student re-starting college, including a Franklin student, Brenda Sotelo, who led the 130 attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance.