A Dozen Carl Hayden Students Compete in an Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle Competition Called RoboSub in San Diego

Posted by Communications on 8/11/2016

The Robotics team doesn’t take summer off. A dozen students competed in an autonomous unmanned vehicle competition called RoboSub in San Diego, July 25-31. The Falcons’ robot was called “Haboob,” in honor of our monsoon dust storms. The competition, called “A Pirate’s Life for Thee” was an obstacle course requiring several tasks performed by the pre-programmed robot. There were 46 teams from all over the world, including university tams from Singapore, Brazil, Canada, India, Japan and Russia, as well as three high school teams. Coach Fredi Lajvardi figures the Falcons finished ninth, one spot out of the finals because in a last chance bid, they scored 4,500 points, while another team scored 5000 to get into the finals. The competition also includes creating websites, videos and written reports. 

“We have become very adept at using our one sensor, the fiber optic gyro. We are very excited to complete the AUV so that we can hopefully place in the top three next year,” Lajvardi said.