Alhambra High School's Native American Youth Council (NAYC) Held Annual Youth Day

Posted by Community Relations on 5/3/2016

Alhambra High School's Native American Youth Council (NAYC) had their annual Youth Day at Alhambra campus. The theme was "Walking In Two Worlds," which focused on the two worlds in which Native American high school students must live. Most Native American students are from reservations but live in the city, which can often feel like living in "Two Worlds." This often leads to challenges with adapting and succeeding in school.

Guest speakers/performers were Loren Russell (former security at Alhambra High School) and Carlos Begay. There was also a student panel of former Native American students of Alhambra High School. Friends, family, fellow students from Phoenix Union were in attendance. as well.

This event was planned and successfully completed by the Alhambra High School NAYC. The NAYC plans to have more events like this at Alhambra High School next year to promote cultural awareness and diversity in the district.