Twenty-five Alhambra Students Learned They Were GCU "Students Inspiring Students" Scholarship Recipients

Posted by Community Relations on 5/3/2016

Twenty-five students learned May 4th that they were recipients of Grand Canyon University’s Students Inspiring Students scholarships.  The scholarships, funded by the Grand Canyon University Scholarship fund and local business and philanthropic leaders, will cover 100 scholarships this first year, most going to Phoenix Union students.  The scholarship announcement was part of the school’s Honors and Awards ceremony.  The scholarships are worth   $18,000 a year scholarship ($72,000 for four years) covering tuition, books, and fees.
To qualify, the students had to have a grade point average of 3.4 or above, and spend at least 50 hours at the GCU Learning Lounge, an after-school program, working with college tutors.  In return, the scholarship students will pay it forward, providing 100 hours per year of mentoring and academic support per year to high school students, while maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA. 
The GCU Learning Lounge started three years ago, helping the students of neighboring school, Alhambra, and those students are the largest beneficiaries of this scholarship, with 25 students receiving the Students Inspiring Students Scholarship.
“Our students now feel like they have the weight of the university behind them.  It is making a huge difference,” Alhambra principal Claudio Coria said. Hopes are high for the Alhambra baseball team.  The Lions are the number one seed in Division III, and won their first two playoff games, April 29 and 30.  Alhambra beat Yuma, 6-5 and Payson, 5-4.  The Lions meet Gila Ridge, Friday, May 6 in the quarterfinals.  The semifinals are May 7 and the title game, May 14, all at Surprise Baseball Complex.   The Lions won Section VI, and sport a 19-1 overall record.   The last school to win a baseball state championship was Trevor Browne in 1977.