North High School National Art Honor Society Completes Mosaic-tiled Bench in Memory of Assistant Principal Mr. Melville McKay

Posted by Community Relations on 4/20/2016

The North National Art Honor Society recently completed a mosaic-tiled bench in memory of Assistant Principal Mr. Melville McKay, who passed away unexpectedly last summer. The students talked to various teachers and staff to find out what they knew about “Mac.”Some of what the students learned is represented in the tiles. 

  • He loved to travel to New York City (Statue of Liberty)
  • He loved jazz music (the musical instruments and musical notes), his name is intertwined within the notes
  • When anyone came to see him, he always had candy to offer (candy scattered throughout)
  • One of his favorite sayings was “Honesty breeds trust” (that is written in the tiles)
  • He was a very caring person (represented by the two cupped hands) (forever caring is written) 

Under the direction of art teacher Julie Peters, the students made the ceramic tiles by hand, designed the imagery, and then glazed the tiles. Finally they were added to the top of the bench and grouted. The bench currently resides at the west side of the administration building. Bob Jacot, Sales Manager at Precision Precast Group donated the concrete bench.