Senior Juan Saenz of Metro Tech One of 110 Student-Advocates from 78 schools Attending the Chief Science Officer Program

Posted by Community Relations on 3/23/2016

Juan Saenz, a senior was one of 110 student-advocates from 78 schools, February 19, attending the Chief Science Officer program. Sponsored by Honeywell Homestown Solutions, and the SciTech Festival, the program has students, 6th-12th grade, that are elected by fellow classmates to represent them for a variety of STEM initiatives within the school and with community and government leaders. The session was held at Honeywell’s Deer Valley hangar and included teachers, mentors, industry leaders and Honeywell employees. The students experienced technology up close, exploring a jet engine, auxiliary power unit, 3-D printer, virtual reality demos, satellite communications equipment and cockpit simulators. They spoke to Honeywell engineers, toured a Pilatus aircraft and visited with a test pilot about the technology Honeywell produces to keep air passengers safe and comfortable as they travel. 

“I decided to participate because it was a unique program that had the support of many impressive thought-leaders in STEM fields and a clear vision of its goals. I would encourage future CSOs not to be afraid to fail or make mistakes. Trial and error is part of the learning experience,” Saenz said.

Saenz has been accepted at Colgate with his financial needs fully met.