South Mountain World Languages Department Promotes the Arizona Matsuri Haiku contest

Posted by Community Relations on 2/24/2016

The South Mountain World Languages Department promoted the Arizona Matsuri Haiku contest, and 14 students had their submissions published in the Arizona Matsuri 2016 HAIKU EXPO eBook Collection. Over 800 entries were received from around the state, in categories from elementary school to adult. Nicole Alonzo, a ninth-grader, had her poem judged as Outstanding, one of only nine in the high school division.  

the smell of wet dirt

I hear the droplets outside

nostalgic thoughts come

 13 students earned Honorable Mention, including Lina Asunsion, who had two. World language Angela Palacios was the teacher behind this initiative, as it promotes literacy. The 32nd annual Arizona Matsuri Festival of Japan runs February 27-28 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Heritage and Science Park downtown. The winning haiku will be on display at the Haiku Expo Exhibit.