Metro Tech Students Attend Annual Physics Day at Castles and Coasters

Posted by Community Relations on 3/9/2016

Phoenix Union Physics students had the chance to put their minds (and bodies) to the test when nine schools met for a day of competition and data collection at the annual Physics Day at Castles and Coasters, March 4.  Besides having data sensors strapped to them and using various pieces of equipment to gather information about the rides at the park, our students were asked to put their problem-solving abilities to the test in a number of physics-based competitions.

These competitions draw from a variety of talents, focusing on creative application of concepts in a stressful and time-limited manner, and after many grueling events, Metro Tech students won 1st place overall, edging Carl Hayden.  Maryvale took a close third just ahead of Betty Fairfax. Metro also won four events.

Gum Drop Bridge: Esther Barrera-Zaragoza & Juan Saenz & Kazandra Zelaya

Egg Drop: Christian Bocardo-Feli & Alex Medina & Jeniffer Rodriguez-Quintero

Vector Bowing: Marco Abasta & Williams Martinez-Hernandez

Liquid Launchers: Joel Perez & Hector Nunez & Jose Camarena-Espinoza

“Every single person on our district can take pride in this achievement, as our students consistently demonstrated advanced problem solving abilities in novel situations, and above all, incredible sportsmanship and citizenship,” Metro Tech Science teacher Andrew Chapman said.