Maryvale HS Adriana Valenzuela Girls State Wrestling Tournament at Camp Verde

Posted by Community Relations on 3/9/2016

Adriana Valenzuela, won a girls state wrestling tournament at Camp Verde, March 5. The 115-lb wrestler had to beat two former state champs to win the tournament. She is the first girl state champion from Maryvale. Although girls can wrestle in AIA high school programs, this event was for girls 5-18, and the wrestlers compete unattached. The tournament had about 200 girls. Valenzuela   wrestled varsity for Maryvale at 120 pounds all year and she beat two boys and all the girls she faced.

Panthers coach Pat Rowe can’t wait to recognize another champion wrestler and start a new tradition.

“ I’m going to get a girls banner made and hung and hopefully add other girls to it in the future. I’m also going to get a plaque made and hung in the athletics office and the wrestling room.”

Valenzuela is an all-round athlete. She runs track and cross country for the Panthers, as well.