Tackling Literacy - Reading and Book Donation Program Created by Fairfax Students and Head Coach

Posted by Community Relations on 3/9/2016

Nearly five years ago the football players at Fairfax High School, with Head Coach Kevin Belcher, initiated a reading and book donation program for the local elementary schools, called Tackling Literacy.   The Fairfax student-athletes chose to serve the Laveen/Phoenix community by encouraging second graders to read.  The young men read books to the elementary classes and gave each student a book to bring home.  Looking to expand the program, by going to the classes in each of the local elementary schools, the young men knew they needed to find a like-minded sponsor. Fortunately, The Ohio State University’s Second and Seven Foundation answered the call.  Founded by Coaches Luke Fickle and Mike Vrabel, the program publishes original sports-activity focused storybooks to encourage and improve reading.  The university program has been a generous sponsor, donating enough books for Fairfax high school student-athletes to visit, read, and give books to each of the students in the second grade classes in the local elementary schools.