South Mountain HS Communications Magnet Students Have their Stories featured on the National PBS NewsHour Website

Posted by Community Relations on 1/27/2016

Communications Magnet students Amanda Salameh and Christian Guzman have two of their stories featured on the National PBS NewsHour website. Amanda’s story is about South’s female flight students and Christian Guzman covered a story on a transgender student. These videos were the result of a PBS project for PBS Student Reporting Labs across the country to profile young people breaking down stereotypes. The series is called “outside the Box.”

Guzman was selected to have the most interesting character profile in the series and was commended for his dedication, hard work, and leadership by the PBS Student Reporting Labs team. He was given a certificate from Leah Clapman who is the Managing Editor of PBS NewsHour Education.

Guzman was also selected to go to Washington, D.C. to attend the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs week-long training in late May. He applied, submitted a video and was selected out of over 50 students from across the U.S. and learned he was selected January 27.