Metro Tech's ASL Students Organize and Host the Peer to Peer Partnership Kickoff Activity

Posted by Community Relations on 1/21/2016

Second year American Sign Language (ASL) Honors Dual-Enrolled ASL students organized and hosted the Peer to Peer Partnership kickoff activity, January 20, with the Phoenix Day School for the Deaf (PDSD) students who take Career and Technical Education classes at Metro Tech.

The only sound you could hear was the laughter of 50 teenagers. Thirty-four ASL students and 16 PSDS students signed all day, introducing one another, participating in teambuilding games and eating lunch together. Not only is this partnership practical application for the ASL students, but a great way to help connect with the PDSD students who come to Metro Tech daily for the vocational block classes. The Metro ASL students will visit PDSD, February 10 to set up presentation booths of Metro Tech CTE classes, promoting the courses and school. “This service project for the ASL students is an effort to better communicate and encourage the Phoenix Day for the Deaf sophomores to choose one of Metro-Tech’s CTE programs,” instructor Craig Visqueny said. He teaches American Sign Language to 100 students at Metro Tech. ASL is considered a World Language, just like Spanish, French and other offerings at Phoenix Unon.