South Mountain's Communications Magnet Chosen to Participate in the PBS News Hour National Science Foundation STEM Project

Posted by Community Relations on 1/13/2016

South Mountain and its Communications Magnet, has been chosen to participate in the PBS NewsHour National Science Foundation STEM Project. To better understand the field of youth science journalism and digital media, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has funded the expansion of the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs (SRL) into a model that builds STEM communication skills and trains teens to produce video reports on important STEM issues from a youth perspective. The video stories will be published on the PBS NewsHour’s website and transformed into educational resources for PBS LearningMedia. The program offers schools and young people the opportunity to have their stories air on the NewsHour broadcast, seen by over a million people each night.

“The research study will add new understandings about how student reporting affects their interest in STEM careers and how youth communicate with each other about science content,” said Sandra H. Welch, program director at the National Science Foundation.

South Mountain’s magnet program and TV station, which has been a partner of the PBS Student Reporting Lab, will have access to a journalism and digital media literacy curriculum augmented with a STEM literacy focus, a mentor from a local PBS affiliate, access to a STEM practitioner in a field related to their story, professional development for educators and support from the PBS NewsHour team. Student Reporting Labs connect middle and high school students with public media stations to produce original news reports that explore how critical national issues impact local communities.