ASU and The Helios Foundation Hosts Event For Students Who Scored a 26 or Higher on the ACT

Posted by Community Relations on 12/2/2015

ASU and The Helios Foundation are hosting an event on December 6 for students in some of their partner districts who scored a 26 or higher on the ACT.  Sixty-six Phoenix Union students and their families were invited. The students will hear specifically from representatives of Barrett Honors College and have a tour of the campus.  A 26 score puts them in line with other students who attend Barrett, and means they are scoring at the 80th percentile of all students who take the ACT. Phoenix Union is one of Helios’ partner districts where the foundation funds all 11th graders to take the ACT College Entrance Exam. Helios’ research found that many students score high on the ACT, but do not pursue degrees directly from high school, or do not apply to prestigious colleges and universities, like Barrett. The goal with the lunch event is to help these students see ASU and the Honors College as a potential option, and provide any information about admissions process, financial aid, and career pathways.