Metro Tech Students Win Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge

Posted by Community Relations on 11/12/2015

A team from Metro Tech took an initial investment of $500,000 in virtual money to buy mock stock in 30 fictitious companies, and finished the Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge, November 5, with over $1 million dollars over 60 simulated days to win the 81-team event.  Metro Tech and Camelback had five teams each, and Trevor Browne had four teams.  The “MT Wall Street” team was Luz Aguirre, Jesus Gonzalez, Christian Bocardo, Alondra Sainz and Leslie Salazar.   

Once the opening bell rang, every 60 seconds was a new trading day. According to teacher Debbie Cross, the floor at the Sheraton looked like the New York Stock Exchange with 12 floor brokers for the 81 five-person teams.  “It got loud with all the teams calling for the brokers in order to make buys and sells.  The winning metro Tech team finished with $1,019,055, or a 103.81% return on investment.