Camelback High School Code Club Participates in the 2nd Largest CODEDAY in the Nation

Posted by Community Relations on 11/12/2015

Members of the Camelback High School Code Club participated in the 2nd Largest CODEDAY in the nation, a 24-hour competition at Gateway College, November 7-8. The event was for programmers of all backgrounds and skill levels and they had to code a project within those 24 hours. Coders showed up at noon on Saturday, pitched ideas, formed teams and coded through the night trying to finish by noon on Sunday. They then presented their ideas to judges.

The Camelback Code Club pitched their game idea called "36 Days" a survival game where your decisions to survive affect the outcome of the game. There were 4 modes, Zombie Mode, Infection Mode, Alien Mode, Dinosaur Mode and 4 different endings to the game. 

“Camelback's Team won the Special Award for their understanding of coding different decisions in the game that lead to a different outcomes and for their awesome presentation to the judges,” Business  Education teacher Maria Ciolfi Abrams said.