Victor Arce is Living Proof That His Bioscience Education Helped Take Him to Heights He Only Dreamed

Posted by Community Relations on 9/24/2015

One of the goals of Bioscience was to produce college-going students who could one day work in the sciences, medicine, research and engineering. Victor Arce is living proof that his Bioscience education helped take him to heights he only dreamed of. He is the first Bioscience graduate to go to Medical School. Arce, who graduated with the first class of 43 students, is in his second year at the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix, blocks away from the Bioscience campus downtown.
“I feel like I’m leading the way for other people to apply,” Arce said. “There are a lot of smart students at Bioscience with an interest in medicine.”
Arce, who originally wanted to go into engineering, always had a passion for science. His eighth grade teacher introduced him to Bioscience. In college, Arce started to get interested in health care, volunteering as a medical interpreter at the Wesley Community Center.
“I think that this is great for our school,” Bioscience Principal Dr. DeeDee Falls said. “The students in the first graduating class have been highly successful with many of them currently in graduate school.”
“I liked helping other people and talking to people,” Arce said. “I saw health care as a way to do that.”