Nine Members of the Carl Hayden Robotics Team Participates in the 18th Annual Robosub Competition in San Diego

Posted by Community Relations on 8/24/2015

Nine members of the Carl Hayden Robotics team participated in the 18th annual Robosub Competition in San Diego, the last weekend in July. The team was at a disadvantage at the start, as sponsored components did not arrive in time, and its AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) was partially completed. But by the third day of the event one of three sensor navigation devices arrived and the device is so accurate it can measure the rotation of the Earth, eight degrees an hour

“The judges were astounded. They had never seen such accuracy at the event,” Coach Fredi Lajvardi said.

The Falcons managed to navigate using Google Earth through the course, and put themselves in a position to advance to the finals. But in the final run, the AUV hit a wall, and when the diver brought the robot up for re-programming, he jammed the fiber optic gyro. Hayden’s competition was over. But they had won over the judges.

“They mentioned that they wondered what we would be able to do with two such sensors. We are very excited for what we will be able to do next year when we have completed the AUV with all of its sensors. We won the ‘No Guts No Glory Award’ and $500.”