Trevor Browne Seniors Tally the Largest Amount of Scholarship Offers in School History

Posted by Community Relations on 6/3/2015

Trevor Browne seniors tallied the largest amount of scholarship offers in school history, at $6,532,118. Sixty-nine seniors earned merit scholarships. Julio Melchor led the way, totaling an astonishing $3.9 million for the Gates Millennium Scholar who had triple-digit offers from the likes of Cornell, Pennsylvania, Brown, Amherst, UCLA, USC, Cal-Berkley, Notre Dame, Duke and Pomona. Christina Pena was offered $496,000 including a $221,000 package from Smith College and $184,000 from Mt. Holyoke, both in Massachusetts. Leticia Solache also had a $248,000 four-year offer from Smith, and $240,000 from Pomona College. Ximena Acosta earned a $114,000 scholarship from St. Mary’s in San Antonio, TX.