Camelback STEAM Students Gift Custom Built Guitars to PUHSD Leadership

Posted by Community Relations on 5/20/2015

Engineering teacher Arnie Edwards and five students delivered guitars to Superintendent Dr. Kent Scribner and Director of School Leadership, and former Camelback principal Dr. Chad Gestson, May 11. The guitars were built by students as a STEAM project, incorporating science, technology, engineering, art and math--Science for wood for guitars, decibel scale, string tension; Technology - CAD headstock design; Engineering - wiring and assembly electronics; Arts - sanding, staining, and playing the guitar; Math - fret spacing calculations, scale length and frequency.

Edwards will be using the STEM guitar not only as an example of project-based learning for his Career and Technical Education (CTE) elective, but as a hook to attract and retain students in the three-year engineering program. Students completing the program with a passing grade will receive their guitar upon graduating. The guitars are just one of many projects students create in the school’s “maker lab.”