Trevor Browne's Julio Melchor Has Been Awarded a Gates Millennium Scholarship

Posted by Community Relations on 5/13/2015

Julio Melchor has been awarded a Gates Millennium Scholarship. Already a QuestBridge Scholar, a program that bridges the nation’s brightest, under-served youth with leading institutions of higher education, Melchor last month had been accepted for a full ride to 14 schools, and was on the waiting list for seven more, including Stanford, Columbia, MIT and Princeton. He has narrowed down visits to Duke, Penn, Notre Dame, Brown and Cornell. Julio is number one in the 2015 class of 606 students, and has a 4.733 weighted grade point average and a 3.933 unweighted GPA. He has earned college credit from the ASU Bustoz Math-Science program, Grand Canyon University and Estrella Community College, and his interest in medicine was piqued as a volunteer at Hospice of the Valley. His dream is to attend the best university, major in medicine and become a family practice physician.

The goal of the Gates Millennium Scholar program is to provide opportunities for outstanding minority students with financial need to reach their highest potential and increase representation of minorities in disciplines such as science, education, engineering, mathematics, public health and sciences. This program is unique in that it can be used for undergraduate and graduate degrees, room and board, fees and books, but because it supplements other funding sources, it is difficult to put a value on it. The Gates Foundation estimates that it is worth an average of $250,000 per student during his/her post-secondary career.