Law Magnet South Mountain and Metro Tech Mock Trial Teams Met For a Scrimmage in Preparation for Regional Mock Trial Competitions

Posted by Community Relations on 2/18/2015

It was a busy first week of February for the Law Magnet South Mountain and Metro Tech Mock Trial teams met for a scrimmage in preparation for Regional Mock Trial competitions that will be held on March 7. Several judges from around Maricopa County participated and gave valuable feedback for the competitors.
The school held a special viewing of "Strength from Selma" - a documentary celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, on February 5. Ahmad Daniels spoke with approximately 150 Law and Social Studies students about the importance and the impact of the Civil Rights Movement.
The Law Magnet hosted the engaging Mary Beth Tinker of the famous free speech Supreme Court case, Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community., February 6. Tinker was a junior high school student in 1965 who protested the Vietnam War by wearing a black arm band to school. She was suspended, but the Supreme Court ultimately ruled that students have First Amendment rights of political expression if they do not threaten or disrupt the educational operation or the rights of other students. Tinker spoke with approximately 50 Law students about civic engagement and activism. She brought black arm bands and t-shirts for the kids promoting freedom of expression and civil rights for all.