Franklin Takes Part in the Fiesta Bowl Parade

Posted by Community Relations on 1/21/2015

Franklin was part of the Fiesta Bowl Parade, Saturday, Dec. 27. The students, through their art class, built a float, and students and staff participated, either on the float, or walking along the team. Students, in uniform, represented law enforcement and firefighting. Students also carried a National Blue Ribbon banner, proclaiming the honor the school received this school year. Principal Lorenzo Cabrera walked with the float, and was impressed with all the shout-outs he heard from the spectators.

“Some people didn’t know we were a Phoenix school, but they do now. I was amazed and proud when they called out our name. It was like a two-hour commercial for our school,” Cabrera said.

The parade wasn’t all fun and games. Law enforcement instructor Andrew Vidaure worked with the parade marshals, and several Franklin students helped clean up the route after the parade was over.