South Mountain Class Participates in the National Hour of Code

Posted by Community Relations on 12/17/2014

A South Mountain class participated in the National Hour of Code, December 9, joining seven other high schools from around the country to video chat with Hour of Code Ambassador, super model and coder Lyndsey Scott. The event commemorated National Computer Science Education Week. Scott, who studied computer science in college, models for Prada, Victoria's Secret and Calvin Klein. She has built several apps for different platforms, and dispels the notion that people in technology have to be and look a certain way. Scott, 29, is African-American. Debbie Kunes, World Languages Instructional Leader, signed classes up to participate in the National Hour of Code Week, relating how Code, like Spanish, is a language and all teachers need to provide 21st Century Work Skills to all students and that it is possible to integrate technology into all content areas. Seventy students from four classes participated. They were asked to submit three questions for Scott, and Raelynn Fair was South’s spokesperson, who asked this question:
“We read about you crushing stereotypes and many of us here are females and minorities. What advice do you have for the future programmers when they face obstacles like poverty which limit our access to technology?”

Students completed the Hour of Code self-paced tutorials, December 8, and the following day were in the live video chat.