South Mountain HS Graduate Honored By The 100 Club of Arizona

Posted by Community Relations on 10/15/2014

South Mountain graduate Elijah D. Jenkins was honored by the 100 Club of Arizona, and was awarded a   $5,000 scholarship, September 27.   Despite being 19-years old, Jenkins is already a senior at ASU, majoring in Criminal Justice, where he has a 3.97 grade point average.  Jenkins skipped a grade, and earned many college credits while still in high school through the ACE (Achieving a College Education) program at South Mountain Community College. He was in the Law Magnet at South, and recently took the LSAT, with his sights set on Harvard, according to his proud mother, Sandra Jenkins, who is a teacher at Betty Fairfax High School.  Elijah Jenkins also works part-time as a tutor at South Mountain.