Bioscience Students Participate in the third Annual Green Apple Service Day

Posted by Community Relations on 10/8/2014

Bioscience students joined members of the downtown Phoenix community to participate in the third annual Green Apple Service Day, September 27, building a community learning garden. A community member allowed the students to use her property for the garden, located just east of 7th Street, near the school. The U.S. Green Building Council offered a grant to help fund Bioscience’s project. The day started at the school, drawing plans for the garden. Some of the elements included raised garden beds, an aquaponics system, a living kitchen and fire pit. After the planning, volunteers began to clear the lot. The city must still approve the plans, but it was a good first day, said Lynn Palacios, an English teacher and student government advisor.

“I hope that we can, through events like this, build on the experience and the compassion and the interest of being a productive member of society.”

“With schools you can affect a lot of people: students, parents, teachers, staff and then the community,” said Lisa Clifton of the Green Building Council.