Alhambra Begins Partnership with Arizona K-12 Center to Participate in Cognitive Coaching

Posted by Community Relations on 9/10/2014

Alhambra’s commitment to build capacity in our instructional leaders has forged a strong partnership with the Arizona K-12 Center. Eighteen instructional leaders (formerly called department chairs) participate in the Center’s Cognitive Coaching., participating in eight days of training over the course of the year. This professional development is funded through Title I federal funds.

Participants of Cognitive Coaching learn ways to expand and refine knowledge and skills to promote more effective teaching and learning. The focus is on strategies that enhance teachers’ intellectual growth and strengthen instructional decision-making. Specifically, participants learn to establish rapport, create trust, and conduct planning, reflecting, and problem-resolving conversations.

“Normally, those who go through Cognitive Coaching are people designated as instructional coaches for an entire school district or school site. Principal Claudio Coria said. But if I can arm and empower my instructional leaders with that same training, imagine the work that we can do as a leadership team,’”

Alhambra also is utilizing the Arizona K-12 Center for the third year to prepare cohorts for National Board Certification. Three Alhambra students earned certification last year, and more are candidates this year.

“Mr. Coria has worked hard to find innovative and effective ways for us to increase the quality of education here at Alhambra,” Art Instructional Leader Cristina Yoder said. “He has worked closely with the Center to find training opportunities that will benefit the staff, teachers, and ultimately our students. Alhambra has a great team of teachers and he is constantly exploring ways to continue the upward trend we have been experiencing with student success.”