Central Speech and Debate tournament recognized as a bid tournament

Posted by Community Relations on 8/27/2014

Central's Speech and Debate tournament, Bobcat Bonanza, has been recognized as a bid tournament for the speech events at the Tournament of Champions.  Central is only one of two schools in the state of Arizona to be selected.  


The Tournament of Champions (TOC) is a tournament held at the University of Kentucky each April.     Students have to compete at several select tournaments around the country.   Based on their performance, they can earn a “bid.”  You have to get multiple bids in order to be invited to the TOC.  Because of the difficulty in earning enough bids to qualify for the TOC, it is considered one of the most prestigious events in Speech and Debate.


This year’s Bobcat Bonanza will be February 6-7.  With 550 students spread over 700 event entrees, it was the largest speech competition and the largest Congressional Debate competition in the state last year.  It is destined to become even bigger.


“This is huge for us, as it will draw attention from the surrounding region, and has the potential to make the Bobcat a very popular destination not just for Arizona schools, but also for those seeking to qualify to the TOC,” Speech and Debate coach Kevin Berlat said.   “On a personal note, it speaks to the quality of our tournament, and how respected we are in the national community.”