Central AVID classes head about the importance of Civic Engagement

Posted by Community Relations on 8/27/2014

Phoenix Union Governing Board Member Ian Danley and Monserrat Arrendondo from Neighborhood Ministries spoke to over 100 AVID students in the library on the importance of civic engagement and how to get involved in their communities, August 8. AVID, which stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a college-preparatory program, with elective classes for freshmen through seniors. The students asked how they could get involved in the community and expressed the most important teenage issues to the guest speakers. They also asked about Danley’s and Arendondo’s college experiences, and advice for surviving at a university.

Maria Chacon, an AVID instructor as well as a World History teacher arranged the speakers, and will be bringing in speakers twice a month. Coming up, Andrew Chavez, a cousin of Cesar Chavez, will speak about farmworkers movement and the importance of going into the STEM fields.