Camelback Alums return to talk to marketing students

Posted by Community Relations on 8/20/2014

Forty former Camelback graduates came back to their alma mater, August 12, to share with 200 current junior and seniors marketing students their personal stories of college, career and life after Camelback. There was a lawyer, engineer, CFO and CEO, business owner, broker, chemist, as well as current college students.

Anna Fernandez, who works in the mortgage business said surround yourself with good people. “If you are the best in your circle, find another circle of friends who will push you to be better. Choose your support system wisely.”

Monica Chavez, a biochemist said, “In college, take advantage of learning centers, tutoring, and study groups.”

Manny Lucero, who graduated in 2009 from Camelback, and is now a development coordinator for the Ronald McDonald House said, “Network. You never know who can help you down the line. And take advantage of this type of event. We took the day off to be here.”

Edward Garcia said test-taking in college is huge. “It could be worth 80 percent of your grade, so don’t mess around when it comes to the exams. Know who your teachers are, by using” Through his participation in DECA and marketing contests, he found a benefactor who hired him, and is paying for his college education.

Joanna (Jo Jo) Miller, a supervisor for an emergency room, admitted doing minimal work in high school and cautioned students not to do what she did. “And stay home with mama so you don’t have to pay for food, rent and electricity. Wait until you get that degree to move out.”
Natan Jacobs, a president of a brokerage and investment company suggested “get some fans. A teacher, a coach, someone you can go to for advice. And don’t stay with friends if they don’t have the same goals and ambitions as you do. They can be a distraction.”

Each year, volunteer Jeff Stephens, a local architect, gathers Camelback DECA alumni students from as far back as 1988 to speak to the DECA students.

Marketing teacher Julia Bourdo looks forward to this every year. She even has the alumni conduct interviews for the DECA club officers.

“Some of the success stories our former students tell are unreal, but they let our students know that they started from the same place and made it. My goal is to prepare students for college, career and life. I tell my kids you don’t know it now, but in two years, you will fall in love with me. These are my kids. I am so proud of them. They stay in touch, and they keep coming back to help our students. “