Phoenix Union Students Succeed in AP Mock Exams

Posted by Community Relations Department on 4/30/2014

When it comes to Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus or Statistics, the theme is “Strive for Five,” the top score on the AP exams in May.  To that end, for the past six years, all of the AP students from across the District take a Mock AP exam in those two subjects.  Statistics was held March 28; Calculus April 9.   In the morning, the students model Mathematical Practice #1: “Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.”  The test is timed and this experience gives the students  a "flavor" of the actual exam.  In the afternoon, AP readers guide the students through a self-assessment of the free-response section of the exam and share "pearls of wisdom" on how to get the ultimate score of a five.   The top three students on the multiple choice portion of the exams were:



AP Calculus AB--1st Place:  Imar Uriostegui, Carl Hayden; 2nd Place:  Juan Gonzalez Salazar , Carl Hayden; 3rd Place:  Martin Cruz Arroyo, Trevor Browne. 



AP Calculus BC--1st Place:  Miguel Valdez, Metro Tech; 2nd Place:  Dylan Dilla , Carl Hayden; 3rd Place:  Jesus Corona, Trevor Browne and Crystal Loza, Metro Tech



AP Statistics-- 1st Place:  Harrison Wolf, North; 2nd Place tie:  Stacy Espinoza, North; 3rd Place:  Phung Tran, Alhambra    



 Camelback was the top school with the highest average on the multiple choice section of the Statistics exam, and Carl Hayden had the highest average for AP AB Calculus.