Fairfax Physics Teacher Selected for STAR Research Experience

Posted by Community Relations Department on 4/23/2014

Physics teacher Britny Delp has been selected for STAR (STEM Teacher and Researcher Program) organized by Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s  Center for Excellence in STEM Education.  The program involves a nine-week summer research experience in prominent national laboratories.   Delp will be working at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC)   Laboratory in Palo Alto, CA on a project that involves using the SPEAR3 Synchotron Light Monitor for characterizing the physics of the visible light beam, particularly the polarization characteristics.  She will also be attending a summer lecture series, presenting a research poster, and creating materials for use in physics classrooms across the country. In addition to these benefits, International Baccalaureate students at Fairfax’s Campus will be able to use the data that she collects on projects of their own.