Trevor Browne Hosts Indie Band "Exist Elsewhere"

Posted by Community Relations Department on 3/13/2014

An indie band from Los Angeles, Exist Elsewhere, came to Trevor Browne for anti-bullying performances, March 10.  The group is committed to the cause that has impacted their band families.  They use their music and technology to be advocates for the prevention of bullying.   Approximately 1000 students attended three assemblies that consisted of four songs, and a 20-minute audience participation dialogue about bullying.  The band gave away a Fender electric guitar during the each assembly to the student who had the best answer to how to stop bullying.  Exist Elsewhere says it is society’s collective responsibility to do something about bullying.  “We all have to stop the bystanders in person and online.  We all have a duty to be ‘Upstanders.’”




The band is on a three-week tour of high schools in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada and California.