Trevor Browne Special Education Teacher Awarded $5,000 Grant

Posted by Community Relations Department on 11/27/2013

Trevor Browne and Special Education teacher Eddie Aranda won a $5000 grant from the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation and the University of Phoenix for his “Do It Yourself Workshop” project.  The award is part of the Diamondbacks’ $150,000 School Challenge, identifying outstanding projects and programs.   Trevor Browne will also be the recipient of 1,000 complimentary tickets to a 2014 Diamondbacks game, where the school will be honored.  



“We are inspired by your creativity and dedication to your students. You are improving lives of others at a time when families and children need it most.  We recognize that these are difficult times and our local schools are dealing with challenges when it comes to raising necessary funds.  We hope that this donation will assist you in accomplishing your goals,” Diamondbacks Community Programs Manager Tara Trzinski wrote.