Phoenix Suns HR Manager Participates in Central Career Training

Posted by Community Relations Department on 11/27/2013

Diane Tillman, Phoenix Suns Human Resource Manager, was invited to interview Emily Harris’ second year Child Development students.   Child Development Assessment includes writing a cover letter, a resume and actually participating in an interview.  To prepare for this activity, the class investigated how to research part time jobs they were qualified for by using the Phoenix Suns website. The advertised job was a “Traffic Support Assistant-part time”. A complete description was listed including job duties, working times, and special qualifications. Each student was required to write a cover letter related to this position. A resume was also required, stating a professional objective related to this specific position. Interview skills were discussed and practiced in class.

When  Tillman came October 28, she began class by explaining the “10 Steps to a Good Interview.” After a short discussion, the interviews began.


“The students did exceptionally well, and Ms. Tillman was very impressed with their cover letters,” instructor  Harris said. “Allowing my junior and seniors to participate in an actual interview process provided them with an invaluable, life-changing experience. A huge thanks goes out to the Phoenix Suns for their allowing Central High School to tap into their extensive area of knowledge.”