Central Visual Arts Students Succeed in State Fair Competitions

Posted by Community Relations Department on 11/27/2013

Central Visual Arts students submitted nearly 50 individual pieces to the Arizona State Fair this year, and 19 students came home with 26 ribbons.  Sabrina Badilla won three ribbons, including Exceptional Merit and 1st place Painting and Illustration and 2nd in Image Collage.  Jake Warner won three ribbons, including a 2nd place in Image Collage for 12th grade.  Rebecca Grayhat won a 1st place in Image Collage, and an Honorable Mention in Photo Manipulation.  Juan Alonso placed 2nd in 11th grade illustration and Jose Guzman, 2nd in 11th grad Image Collage and Sabrina Hernandez, 2nd in Black and White Nature.  Other multiple winners were Cinthia Gonzalez Cruz, 3rds in Painting and Illustration and City Scrapes Color and Gabriela Huerta, 2nd in Painting and Illustration and Honorable Mention in Black and White Portraits; Gisel Chavez and Angel Reyes, two Honorable Mentions each.