South Mountain Aerospace Students Begin Flight Training

Posted by Community Relations Department on 10/23/2013

The Center for Aerospace Education program has contracted with Transpac Aviation Academy at the Deer Valley Airport, and South Mountain students will take to the sky in pursuit of their FAA Private Pilot Certificates. Four seniors, Eugenia Anane-Wae, Raul Rosas, Ubaldo Mijares-Lopez and Arturo Nunez - Simbron will begin their flight training this fall under the supervision of highly-qualified flight instructors at Transpac Aviation Academy. 

These students will learn the complexities of takeoff and landing while also learning high-performance maneuvers such as steep turns, short and soft field takeoffs and landings.

“Additionally, they will also learn maneuvers which test their knowledge of aerodynamics – stalls and slow-flight and they will learn precision maneuvers referred to as ground reference maneuvers. These maneuvers involve flying close to the ground and they will test the students’ ability to control the aircraft while also “drawing” perfect circles around well-defined reference points on the ground,” South instructor Nikolas Dowling said.

Once these maneuvers are mastered, the students will learn to navigate in the aircraft and they will fly cross-country to different airports within Arizona before completion of review flights and preparation for the final check-ride with the FAA examiner.  A Private Pilot certification will be their ultimate reward. 

For more information on the Aviation/Aerospace magnet program at South, call 602 764-5194.