SPED Teacher Ian Walden Named Arizona Recycling Coalition's School Representative of the Year

Posted by Community Relations Department on 10/9/2013

Special Education teacher Ian Walden has been named the Arizona Recycling Coalition’s School Recycling Representative of the Year.  He will be recognized at the AZRC Conference, October 17 at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown.




Last year, his Community Skills students began recycling for the school’s Recycling Club.  They recycle for all the offices/copy rooms on campus as well as the 40 bins that are next to the trash cans outside.  They replace bags in the bins, dump recycling when it is full and go around to classrooms/offices to dump theirs, as well.




Recycling gives his students a sense of accountability for their campus. Recycling gives them the opportunity to gain skills that will help them after high school in a vocational program.      Recycling has allows Walden’s students to get out and exercise daily.  They are part of our campus and recycling allows them to be out and about with the other students, showing pride in their school and campus.




Walden’s students love recycling and think it is their personal responsibility to all of the students, teachers and school.  It is rewarding to them because it gives them a sense of independence, but also allows them to participate in their school and take pride in their work.  His students are also starting a garden this year, so that they will learn to work and care for something that may be used in the cafeteria to help with breakfasts and lunches.