South Mountain and South Mountain Social Studies Honored at Civic Engagement Ceremony

Posted by Community Relations Department on 9/25/2013

South Mountain and its Social Studies Department were honored at the first Civic Engagement School Recognition Ceremony, on Constitution Day, September 17 as one of the first Arizona Civic Engagement Schools of Merit for 2012-2013, by the Arizona Department of Education.    The Arizona Civic Engagement School recognition signifies that South is a leader in high quality civic learning practices, ensuring that students are prepared to participate as active and responsible citizens.  



South Mountain was represented by social studies teacher Cathy Ballman, student Markaya Hill and the District’s curriculum director, Laura Telles.  




“It was wonderful to be one of the first schools recognized for this honor.  We have a beautiful banner and plaque to display, and I want to thank our staff for the information shared about your classrooms and programs that made this possible,”  Ballman said.  “Markaya spoke so eloquently – I walked out with Chief Justice Berch of the Supreme Court of AZ and she complimented her and said ‘that young lady is going places.’”