Trevor Browne Honors 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

Posted by Community Relations Department on 8/29/2013

Trevor Browne Social Studies teacher Suzanne Vogt’s lesson August 28 was about the March on Washington and the MLK  “I Have a Dream” Speech on its 50th Anniversary.  Her students watched a portion of the speech, analyzed the script, highlighting key thoughts, and composed and performed two-person responsive poems about how the "Dream" is alive in their lives.  Channel 12 Reporter Kim Covington attended the class, and produced a story for 12 News.  

Covington also met teacher Mike Pizzone who has helped implement a PBS Student Reporting Lab program at the school’s Bruin TV station.  Schools around the country put together news programing covering issues important to students and their communities.  The school has connected with the local PBS station, KAET, which has provided training and tips, as well as the  PBS curriculum.  Their first project had Trevor Browne student Nalia Littell commenting on what the “I Have a Dream” Speech on the PBS website, .