South Mountain Selected as First Civic Engagement

Posted by Community Relations Department on 8/8/2013

South Mountain has been selected as one of the first Arizona Civic Engagement School of Merit for 2012-2013, by the Arizona Department of Education.    The Arizona Civic Engagement School recognition signifies that South is a leader in high quality civic learning practices, ensuring that students are prepared to participate as active and responsible citizens.

“Your efforts help ensure that our students graduate with the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to participate in, preserve, and strengthen our schools, communities and system of government,” Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal wrote in a congratulatory letter.

South Mountain’s application and scoring results were based on six proven practices: instruction in government, history, law and democracy; incorporate discussion of current local, national and international issues and events into the classroom; design and implement academic service-learning teaching strategies; offer extracurricular activities that provide opportunities for young people to get involved in school and community; encourage student participation in school governance, and encourage students’ participation in simulations of democratic processes and procedures.  South also implemented iCivics, a web-based program founded by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, to prepare students to become knowledgeable and engaged citizens.

South Mountain and its Social Studies Department will be honored at the first Civic Engagement School Recognition Ceremony, on Constitution Day, September 17.